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Helvetica – Sean Mirts

Helvetica was designed by swiss designer Max Miedinger along with Eduard Hoffman in 1957. As with many swiss creations precision and accuracy are held in the highest regard, Helvetica being no exception. With such a clean design the typeface spread … Continue reading

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Type Anatomy – Sean Mirts

This example that I found interesting during our library visit has some very unique characteristics. The page is portioned out to find the center for the type to be placed properly on the page and the guide lines are still … Continue reading

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Formstorming and Modularity – Sean Mirts

  Modularity is the use of some form of rule used in the design of a piece. This is typically something that is asked for by a client or a direction the artist is tryin to go. In this piece … Continue reading

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Color Interaction – Sean Mirts

This pattern is comprised of four different colors, red, pink, orange and blue. All of these colors are heavy in their saturation but appear light due to the hue change adding more white to their bases. This whole pattern feels … Continue reading

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Pattern – Sean Mirts

This quilt has two very obvious levels of depth to it, the first being the hexagon and the second being the stripes. The large hexagon is made up of many smaller hexagons alternating every other line with color and gray. … Continue reading

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Texture – Sean Mirts

  During the winter on the Southern rim of the Grand Canyon, an elk appeared out of the nearby forest. Only poking its head out into an opening in the trees making the brown coat pop against the brush covered … Continue reading

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Point, Line, Plane – Sean Mirts

Point, line and plane, can all be found everywhere in daily life. From the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep, these elements of design are everywhere; they are in just about everything we use or … Continue reading

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