Pattern – Sean Mirts

“Hexagon Mosaic-Single-Block variation” By Seebell Kennedy

This quilt has two very obvious levels of depth to it, the first being the hexagon and the second being the stripes. The large hexagon is made up of many smaller hexagons alternating every other line with color and gray. Creating a new stripping pattern within the hexagon itself, adding a similar connection to the red and white strips outside the hexagon. The interior hexagons vary in color and pattern from plaid blues to squared oranges. While the gray pieces get darker each layer into the hexagon. On the outside of both the hexagon and stipes there is a white border creating the edge of the quilt. The stripes on the outside of the hexagon are mostly all horizontal except for the section on the left and right of the hexagon those stripes are vertical. Being a quilt it also has some flaws to it that would not appear if it was created on a computer program such as Adobe Illustrator. The white border is not perfectly squared off and the smaller hexagons within the main design are slightly skewed off center in some places as well.

The inspiration for this quilt design could have come from quite a lot of different places but it looks as it could have started from Seebell Kennedy’s other quilt work. They all have very specific patterns and no pieces that look too out of place on the quilts. After reading a brief description of the history from this quilts origin in Alabama from the book, Gee’s Bend: The Women and Their Quilts the quilts have a huge amount of significance. Outlining the history for some or the cultural past times that were experience during their time in Africa or the Great Depression. Meaning this quilt by Seebell Kennedey most likely has much more value to it other than just its design principles.


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