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Art Museum Visit: Sanna Wright

In the Washington State University art museum, these posters caught my eye. I think that they have a powerful message, and are very thought-provoking. The series of posters were created by Ken Chu to highlight and normalize the gay Asian … Continue reading

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Type Anatomy: Sanna Wright

After the advent of movable type in the 15 century by Johannes Gutenberg, the production of books and other written text was quickly produced and lead to cheaper reproduction of written work. Once introduced to the gridded cases of movable type … Continue reading

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Formstorming & Modularity: Sanna Wright

“Saks Want It!” is a commissioned piece created by Marian Bantjes for Saks Fifth Avenue. The collection uses intricate typography to create the silhouette of fashion items. The collection is for Saks Fifth Avenue but also is aimed at potential … Continue reading

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Color Interaction: Sanna Wright

  In the photo to the left, Mood Fabrics is showcasing a popular velvet fabric they have for sale. The pattern of the fabric features a repeating flower pattern with slightly different orientations and sizes. The colors gold and blue/green … Continue reading

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Pattern: Sanna Wright

  From the Souls Grown Deep website, the quilt “Strips” grabs my attention. The quilt was created by artist Ella Bendolph in1955 using strips of old work clothes. In the Gee’s Bend community, practical items such as clothing are upcycled into quilts. This … Continue reading

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Texture: Sanna Wright

I took this first photo on the WSU campus. The white leaves caught my attention as I was walking home from class. In the photo, there are many contrasting textures. First, there is the grainy cut leaves with frayed damaged … Continue reading

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Point, Line, Plane: Sanna Wright

The whole world is made up of points, lines, and planes. Even wandering around my own apartment, I found several examples of these graphic design concepts. For my first photo, I captured a series of points (and a few lines) … Continue reading

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