Point, Line, Plane: Sanna Wright

A close-up photo of my shower curtain. It demonstrates the concept of point. Photo by Sanna Wright.

The whole world is made up of points, lines, and planes. Even wandering around my own apartment, I found several examples of these graphic design concepts.

For my first photo, I captured a series of points (and a few lines) on my bathroom shower curtain. Though I have spent many hours looking at this item, as I move closer I begin to see the design in a new light. Points are positions in space. They don’t have any mass, but they do have significant meaning. When you take a step back the points in this photo create an image of a sea monster attacking a ship. Our human intuition interprets these points based on their scale and position in relation to one another. A few simple dots create a fascinating piece of shower curtain art.

Photo of a leaf outside of my apartment. It demonstrates the concept of line. Photo by Sanna Wright.

Lines are a series of points. In my second photo, we see how a leaf creates lines where two different planes meet. These lines create texture on the leaves, despite not being very thick.

The lines on this plant in my yard are curved and draw the viewers eyes towards the tip of the leaf and to the stem of the plant.

In my third photo, the viewer can see a three-dimensional piece of art in my apartment. The negative space of the wall reminds us of a city skyline, while the space and volume of the wood remind us of buildings. The wood blocks are made up of several planes. Each plane is a flat surface with height, width, and depth. This wood skyline has sharp edges and looks different from other angles due to its volume and the positioning of the viewer’s eyes.

A picture of a wood art piece that also functions as a coat rack. This demonstrates the concept of Plane. Photo by Sanna Wright.


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