Technological Artifact: Chandhni Jayakanth

This is the Gameboy Advance SP I’ve owned since 2003. It was released then by Nintendo in Japan. The SP stands for “SPecial” (Photo by Chandhni Jayakanth, August 2018).

I chose the Gameboy Advance SP and it’s cartridge cards as my technological artifact. The influence of this piece of technology in my life is huge since I’ve owned it since the release of the product and still own it till this date. The Gameboy Advance SP was one of a kind hand-held video game console developed by Nintendo. Having used the Gameboy since 5 years old, it makes it the first piece of technology I had ever owned and handled. Although it was very small in size compared to the technological advancement and video game consoles you can see now, it could fit right into my pocket whenever I had to carry it somewhere and it was also the perfect sizing for my little hands. It was the same for a lot of my friends. We would buy similar games and play while sitting together (since the Gameboy did not have the Bluetooth functions back then). I was living in Hong Kong when I got the Gameboy and because of the proximity to Japan, the video-game console was a major hit in Asia as well. Whenever I took the subway with my parents, I could atleast see about 10 other people of my age playing the Gameboy. As years went by, I bought the Nintendo DS, the Playstation Vita, and the Nintendo Switch this summer. Although the graphics cards and technology has developed immensely, I always see myself going back home to India and taking my Gameboy out of my storage and playing with the Tom & Jerry game for hours together. Whenever I play with it, I get reminded of the simple times back in Hong Kong and when I would play the Gameboy against my cousins and see who was the video-game king/queen.

This picture is my collection of the cartridge cards that were used to play the games in the Gameboy Advance SP. The Nintendo DS also allowed the use of these Cartridge Cards although they had developed a specialized chip for it. (Photo by Chandhni Jayakanth, August 2018).

The Media Archeology Lab helped me understand the different technology used even before my existence. And those include gaming consoles as well. Although I only use my gaming consoles as a leisurely activity, I always saw them as the first steps to introducing me to various other digital products I have used and still use till this date, like my Digital Camera, the GoPro, and my design iPad.

The Media Archeology Lab helps me appreciate the products, technology, and software that was used way back. Similar to that, when I showed my cousin the Gameboy she absolutely loved it and appreciated the simplicity of the technology. Even though technology is developing rapidly, sometimes going back to the roots of it lets us appreciate the process it has gone through.

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