Texture: Sanna Wright

Plant life. Photo by Sanna Wright, September 2018.

I took this first photo on the WSU campus. The white leaves caught my attention as I was walking home from class. In the photo, there are many contrasting textures. First, there is the grainy cut leaves with frayed damaged edges, contrasting with the rough plant stems and the smooth red berries. Next the pokey physical texture of the sticks in the dirt.The dried corse leaf contrasts with silky spider webs and smooth concrete pavement. There is a soft uniform appearance to the plants. The colors contrast, the red from the berries sits directly across the color wheel from the sharp green of the leaves. The white scratches on the largest leaves draws attention to the rough dry texture.


The corner of a painting has a rough frayed texture. Photo by Sanna Wright, September 2018

In this photo of a screen painting in my house, you can see the frayed damaged edges, as well as the fibers of the cloth the canvas is made out of. This physical texture contrasts with the surface behind it, which is a smooth wall. The stapple’s smooth reflective texture contrasts with the bumpy grainy texture of the screen painting.


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