History of Collage & Photomontage: Angela Basinger

Eugenia Loli worked as a computer programmer and technical journalist before she left the field to pursue art. Her collages combine cutouts from science fiction books and vintage magazines. The artist leaves her collages to the viewer’s interpretation but attempts to depict narrative scenes, encouraging views to create a plot. In this particular image, the artist makes specific stylistic choices that create a unique composition.

One of Eugenia Loli’s surreal collages taken from an April 2015 article by Sara Barnes for My Modern Met https://mymodernmet.com/eugenia-loli-collages

Visual texture is created with the moon in the background and, in turn, this texture is contrasted with the smooth, soft looking texture of the woman’s skin. Direction is created in the photo as line is used within black and white columns to create direction. The cone opening toward the top right center of the collage balances with the woman in the bottom left corner and the flowers in the bottom right corner. These three points of interest reinforce the vertical direction of the image. Further, harmony is made as the woman’s bathing suit, the flowers, and the sky as all contain a coordinating color scheme. Harmony is made once more with the green plants, the green landscape, and the green galaxy pattern in the stars. Value is created as these is light to dark contrast in both the top and bottom of the frame. Dominance given to sculpture in the middle as it is pasted on top of background, but this dominance is partially taken away with the dark shadow effect on the sculpture and the woman on a rock in the foreground. In this, the woman in the foreground establishes dominance as the subject of the photo. Things with life in the photo, woman, plants, and birds, have bright pink and yellow coloring. I believe that the author is working with ideas of life in her image as nearly all the aspects of the photo signify movement and growth. Because the author leaves her work somewhat open ended, I chose to take this image as alluding to the idea that life is all around us: though some life is plain to see, as the woman, flowers, and birds other forms are curious and unknown as that of space and seemingly concrete landscapes.

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