Individual Voices: Brayden Jacobs

Art has been something hasn’t done much for me. I’ve enjoyed landscapes and the vast beauty that the nature in Western Washington has, but non-natural art has never been something that has made sense nor spoken to me. Throughout my college experiences and growing as an individual, I’ve come to appreciate art and the many forms it comes in, especially the messages that these artists are trying to portray.

Eroyn Franklin

Out of all the art that we had the opportunity to observe this past Tuesday, Eroyn’s image of this fantastical home burning with the assumed family peacefully sitting in front of the destruction struck a cord with me. The intense blues, often signifying sadness and depression are interrupted with the calm orange of the family, sitting in the lawn staring at the blazing inferno. The scene is almost blissful admits the chaos. It seems as if the burning house brings calmness and freedom to the four individuals.

If I were the one living in this art, I would be terrified, calling the fire department and trying to salvage anything I could from the house. House fires are one of the most devastating things a family with a decent income can go through. Not only are those affected left with nowhere to stay, but a house represents family, and contains all those memories and belongings. By the house’s size you can determine whoever owned it was decently well off; Its not some shanty shack. But even then, the family isn’t panicking, and the smoke coming off the house reinforces that feeling.

The plain white smoke, in a singular white color. A sense of new begging as if the smoke is clearing the artist’s canvas for new and exciting things. This picture isn’t just depicting the end of a home, but the beginning of whats to come. The blue’s that cover the majority of the canvas are of varying shades and dimensions, bringing emotion and change to the situation, but the white is pure and clear. Time is frozen in this still art piece, but there isn’t panic or fear; freedom and tranquility are what overcome this tragic scene.

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