Individual Voices: Erika Epperson

Unidentified Feeling Object by Mita Mahoto

When I was at the art museum most of the stuff that I liked were ironically from the same artist, Mita Mahoto. I really liked her concepts and also her cute, bubbly designs. The one I chose in particular is called Unidentified Feeling Object. It was about a ufo that accidentally dropped a heart into the earth. It shows how love is something hard to explain scientifically or make sense out of, its just a feeling we can’t explain either if it’s the kind of love that you have for your friends and family or the type of love that you have towards a significant other.

In these pages you can see the horizontal lines on the left side of the ufo indicating that the ufo is flying by very fast and in a hurry. Also in these frames you can see that they are movement to movement which creates very little closure in between. I really liked how the artist used the two frames and made her comic more 3-D by having the heart get stuck in between one of the frames making the heart fall from the sky. I really think it’s clever how she did that. 

Unidentified Feeling Object by Mita Mahoto

On this page you see the heart fall to the earth by following the squiggly line. You can tell that the heart is falling down and not up because of how we read comic, left to right, top to bottom. I think even without very many words it is a story that is easy to follow and I really liked how the artist kept it lighthearted while still creating a deep meaning to the story. I thought this was relatable and a really cute story that represents the mystery of love. 

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