Final Poster Comic: Elora Buschini

project 2

Project 2 comic: I made this with the inspiration of my dogs and how they interact with the world

My comic reads easily from left to right in four simple panels. Although there it does not require reading it translates a story. The viewer is guided by the dog throughout the comic and reading left to right like you would normally. This gives a nice opportunity for readers to have closure and intemperate what the story is without having to use words. This is represented by the different types of weather seen, this would alert the reader to know that the weather is happening at different times. My comic shows time over the course of a year ( or four seasons) through out four panels. So even though there is only a short amount of time read between each scene the reader knows that these are examples of different seasons.

This is not my first time using illustrator, but it is for a class requirement. My experience is from watching people I know use it- and from there using it for myself leisurely. I used iconography to show movement and location. Although nothing in the comic is a real physical thing, the reader knows that the sun is a sun, lines near the dog show movement as well as and the pathway of the butterfly and leaf. I mostly used the pencil tool and paint brush. This was the easiest way for me to make out my shapes using a stylus. I also used the shapebuilder to make my drawings whole. I also used a grid to make my panels so that they would all be the exact same size. Using multiple different layers make it more organized for myself. I started out with a pencil drawing and layered on top of that. This way I could create my background and shapes separately and then color on top of that while still being able to hide layers that weren’t needed (like my original sketch).

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