Individual Voices: Eddie Abellar

“Abruption” by Taylor Dow

The work of art I chose to write my blog post about is called “Abruption”, by Taylor Dow. I chose this work of art because I related to it the most when we went on our visit to the WSU Art Museum Collection Study Center. To me, Taylor Dow is expressing a feeling that most people have experienced, one that I have experienced many times in my life.

In the work of art, there is a tall white figure that touches the tip of his finger to a floating bright ball of light. As the figure touches the ball of light, a shadowy figure slowly starts to appear. The shadowy figure is the same height and even has the same hairstyle as the white figure. As soon as the shadowy figure has fully appeared, it takes the floating ball of light with two hands and swallows it whole. With the ball of light shining bright within the shadowy figures stomach, he walks away with his head down, leaving the white figure alone and confused.

“Abruption” by Taylor Dow

To me, this work of art expresses how quickly or “abrupt” negative thoughts or feelings can come up even after experiencing a tiny bit of happiness. I have had this happen to me many times before. I’ll experience a happy moment with friends or family, or I’ll accomplish a goal that I’ve set for myself, and immediately after having that happy moment negative feelings start to creep up, ultimately making me feel low for the remainder of the day or sometimes for even longer.

“Abruption” does an excellent job of showing the passing of time within the artwork. The image that does this the best is in the third panel of the second page. In this panel, Taylor Dow shows the shadowy figure slowly appearing by using small black dots to

“Abruption” by Taylor Dow

represent the particles slowly coming together to form the shadowy figures hand.

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