Closure and Time Frames: Tom McLean

Example of closure – Scanned 10/9/2019

For my graphic novel, I have chosen to read “Goodbye Chunky Rice” by Craig Thompson and after looking into the graphic novel, it was not hard to find examples of scenes of closure and scenes of serious viewer interpretation. This first image is an example of closure due to the landscape image. This image shows the end of one train of thought due to the end of an idea identified in the novel. The image above comes from when two friends are taking with each other and one is trying to convince one to leave town with him. The friend wants to stay and says to the other “You should find where you belong”. Then the picture is used to show that the trail of thought is over and the reader is moving on to something new.

Example of viewer participation and interpretation – Scanned on 10/9/2019

This next image is an example of the reader needing to become a participant and become more involved in this part of the graphic novel. In this part of the graphic novel, the two friends are building a moat on the beach and the author uses two frames and connects them with imagery creating a sense of quickness and an idea that is connected. The unique use of the “gutters” in the comic makes the reader try and piece together the two frames and connect them. This is all done at the same time of a total of three different actions happening all at once. This part of the novel is early on and makes the reader not know who to side with when choosing who to trust/believe in.












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