Closure and Time Frames: Isaiah Wilkerson

For my selected comic, I chose Bone: Eyes of the Storm by Jeff Smith. I chose this comic because it had caught my eyes when I saw the cover page. I’d remember people in my elementary class reading these books but I’ve never really read them myself, which is why I chose this for my selected comic. I wish I could read the first one because the most recent book they had was this third book.


Bone: Eyes of the Storm, pg. 11, 10/10/19

I chose this image as the closure. It shows two monsters hiding from something or someone and are arguing about who should check out from their pit to see if someone had caught them. The blue monster then pops out to justify that there was no one on to them, not realizing that their leader was standing right above them. This is closure because after they nervously said hello to him, he then responds, saying “get out here.” This is closure because we, as readers, assume before turning to the next page that they were in trouble and were going to get punished, even though we don’t know their relationship with each other off of the first read.



Bone: Eyes of the Storm, pg. 102, 10/10/19

Scott McCloud’s definition of “subject to subject” is to take the reader from one subject to another while staying within a scene or idea. In these panel, you can see the old lady, the little girl and the bone guy hiding from something or someone. The reader can’t identify who their hiding from until the lightening strikes and you can see all the monsters in the background, looking for them. You can also see their reactions to the lightening and can feel the tension as the reader after noticing the enemies.



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