Final Digital Comic Collage: Tom McLean

For my Digital Comic Collage, what I wanted to show the viewer was a glimpse into who I am as a person by using objects and symbols that help to show that in a collage form. The reason for the symmetrical formatting of my collage was to show the viewer how my life is structured and how there is some form of organization with everything that defines me as a person. The way that my collage fits Scott McCloud’s definition is that there is a purpose of positioning and information to give the viewer information about who I am without any words. This sense of conveying information without using any external words was important to me because I wanted the viewer to look at this not as a top-down collage but as a singular image that has meaning to it.

Comic Collage – Completed on 10/3/2019

From John Lovett and his Design Overview, I took into account the use of texture and color. The ways that I used texture was in the layering process of using my images. Having a background that sets the stage of the collage is extremely important in my comic collage because it helps with the color and texture imagery of my comic. All of my images have a purpose to them and the things that make them not perfect make them perfect to use in my comic collage.

This was my first time using Photoshop in any capacity. I feel like I have learned the basics of Photoshop and have become a novice at best. Learning all of the different tools and adjustments with Photoshop was difficult to learn at first, but after practice, I became better at using everything including the color and shading tools in Photoshop. Trying to find and use the correct tool was probably the hardest part of the entire project. The most useful tool for me was the magnetic lasso tool in order to arrange my pixels in the correct sequence. That was the easiest tool to use as well as the most used tool used when creating my comic collage. The only real confusing tool that I used was the window tool. I had tried to use it earlier in my creating process but I had decided that it was not necessary for my comic collage. Overall I really enjoyed using Photoshop in the creation of my comic collage and have a better understanding of the tools needed to compose something digitally.

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