Final Digital Comics Collage Jake Bailey

My creative influences for my collage come from my own personal experience as the two sides are a big part of my life. My family has Seahawks season tickets and big Mariners fans so I’ve been going to games since I was 6 months old sand the overall aesthetic goal was to try and show a big of those 2 worlds. The connection to McCloud with my collage is the difference but similarities between the two teams. Both sides of the collage show a jersey, player, song, and action as that’s how I associate them to me, they are both my teams but they are exact opposites of each other. They are contrasted as the Mariners side is more lightly colored while the Seahawks are a lot darker as well in terms of color. The textures of each jersey are very different as well and I’m pretty proud how well they separated because to me is looks really cool. I used shape and size to help both show off the jersey numbers and names of very popular players but allow the to still be seen easily. Each part of the collage has meaning from the songs both being the ones played before each game, and the quotes being of famous plays in the teams history are all real events that mean a lot to me as I’ve been there for all of them and I’m trying to convey that same sense of knowing by using them. In terms of the modes, for the linguistic mode besides the words meaning as i previously mentioned I tried to find font that seemed like spoken words as that’s what they really were, call by announcers. As in terms of my visual choices I tried to make everything seem as mirror image as possible to try and create a “2 sides of a coin” style of organization.

In terms of Photoshop, this is the first time I’ve ever had to do a project using it so I was learning the basics from the very beginning. The tutorials that were most that were most helpful were the ones helping understand selections as that’s what I used for a lot of my project, different shapes and portions of my images. I has a specific image in my head and they made it easy to get only what I wanted from each scan so my collage could be organized how I wanted it. The main confusion parts was just the trial and error of it all, figuring out which buttons edited which parts of the photos, overall less of what did what but learning how each tool worked with each other. While I would say that I prefer doing print projects as I like having a specific idea in my head and making exactly that, for someone that isn’t very artistically skilled, it was very nice to do it all on the computer and not have to worry about how the drawings looked since they were all scanned images.

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