Final Digital Comic Collage: Bruno Signorelli

My comics fits Scott McCloud’s definition of a comic because my images are in a deliberate sequence, and provide information to the viewer, which in my case is the journey that my subject goes through in the image. It also has the intent to give off a aesthetic response for the viewer. My comic also uses a lot of the design elements talked about in John Lovett’s Design Overview. One example is the use of texture in my project with the multiple real life objects I used. The backdrop itself also adds texture throughout my project with it being a crumpled up magazine page. My comic also has a direction that the viewer is suppose to follow, and the start of it is indicated with the title that sticks out from everything else on the page. I also use repetition in my project with the same subject showing up multiple time but every time it shows up its in a different space and doing something different. I think the objects I chose help with what I was going for which was just something you might see on anybodies desk at anytime, and then taking that background and creating a simple sketch story out of it. Like something you would see a kid doodle in class, but it interacts with the background, and makes the background become part of the story being told in the sketch. The only bit of linguistic mode I used in my project was with the title, which I gave a superhero kind of vibe to which fits with the subject and story of my comic. It also is used to show where to look first on my project.

This is not my first time using Photoshop but its my first time doing a major project on it, and definitely doing anything to this scale. I didn’t necessarily learn any new tricks or methods in Photoshop, I more so learned how to use Photoshop to tell a story, and to create something of value. I think out of all the stuff I learned from the tutorials the one that I took the most from was how to properly use the lasso tool to isolate and image from the background. I’ve always known the basics to it, but the tutorials really helped me get better at it, and I feel like my isolated images look better in this project then any other project I’ve done before. I do like parts of working in a digital environment because it just allows you to do so many more things that you could never really do on a piece of paper, but I also just feel so much more comfortable using a pencil then a mouse, and I just feel like I have much more control with what I am doing on a piece of paper then on my computer.


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