Final Digital Comic Collage: Janet Okeago

Having moved from Kenya to come and study abroad i have always wanted to retain my culture and it has been a great opportunity to be in W.S.U and gain different experiences where i can share my culture with people from different places. And being among the students who were fortunate enough from my home town i feel the need to motivate my community by representing my school because i am proud to be a coug and this is an achievement for me. my collage is kind telling a story of a Kenyan girl from a society with a variety of cultural practices and getting the opportunity to encounter a different culture where they value pets.

project 1 comic collage By: Janet Okeago, October 3,2019

This comic collage fits McClouds definition of comics where i have used a variety of pictures that describe culture by using fashion and i wanted it to attract my viewers using some colorful items that are so decorative. I also tried blending in the colors since i love trying out different colors on my work with a mixture of different sizes to the images i have. Some of the pictures are photos that i took and thought it would be unique to give a brief view of working with photo montage on my collage that display visual mode.

i was so excited to learn how to use Photoshop since it was my first time doing it. At first i did not think it would be much confusing for me since i had a hard time with understanding the tutorials by myself. However, with the professors explanation i found it easier to understand and that is how i practiced with the rest of my assignment. I played around with the selection tool which at time it was hard for me to be able to select an image but with time i feel like i have learnt something new and it is something i want to use after graduating and joining the workforce. I learnt also about adjusting some pixels which i got to use it to apply for the green card and i was exited since not everyone know how to use the Photoshop.

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