WSU Art Museum: Jonathan Martinez

Going to the art museum and looking at various pieces there fairly eye-opening regarding my typeface however it was more interesting to look at all the different pieces of art and understand why we call them art. It was funny how early on I didn’t think half of the pieces would have been considered art but after looking more critically and taking a deeper look into what it took to create the pieces I became more appreciative of the work that was put in.

One piece that I liked especially was the white paper with “Love” printed also in white. The reason I liked this one so much was because it was an example of a work that made you look deeper than what was on the surface. If one merely looked at the surface of this particular artwork, they would miss the entirety of the product. There was also another piece we looked at that was similar to this one that said, ” I. C. U.” printed in white on a white background. Both of these were my favorite because they made the viewers really try to visually interact with what was going on in the piece of art.

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