WSU Art Museum: Jocelyn Urias Castro

Work done by Nancy Chunn in 1996. Photo taken at WSU Art Museum.

This newspaper was done by Nancy Chunn and it was interesting for me because it looks like a normal newspaper we use now on days but actually it is pretty old, and it is looking fresh and with color. I personally liked this piece because it shows a good representation of unique work, looking almost like the other normal newspapers but with Chinn’s inspiration and art. It shows typefaces on top of more writing and even though it is a little hard to read the typing on the back, the typing on top is giving a clearly explanation of what the article talks about. I like the drawings and the diversity of colors to identify even genders. This piece was made to show the content of The New York Times in a different and quick way so people can see all the work at once.

This work has a little bit of typefaces that inspired me to use in my project 2. The title “The New York Times” has a similar font that I am trying to use for my design of letters. That funky and round shape of the letters are the details I am going to use to create mine. I am going to add a little bit of more design around the letters so it looks more of a unique font.


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