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WSU Art Museum: Jonathan Martinez

Going to the art museum and looking at various pieces there fairly eye-opening regarding my typeface however it was more interesting to look at all the different pieces of art and understand why we call them art. It was funny … Continue reading

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Type Anatomy: Jonathan Martinez

The example that I have chosen to write about was the movable wooden-block text. The text is one of the few in the MASC that was movable or manipulable. During the discussion of the text, it was mentioned that the … Continue reading

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Organic/Geometric: Jonathan Martinez

After viewing the newly designed logo, I felt that it seemed much more geometric based on the reading because of the straight lines and shape that it had compared to the old logo. We can see in the old logo … Continue reading

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Color Interaction: Jonathan Martinez

The example above shows a color-blind test used to determined what kind of “Color-blind” a person is based on how they see reds, greens, yellows, and blues. I chose this example specifically because it exemplifies contrasting colors and interaction of … Continue reading

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Figure/Ground: Jonathan Martinez

The photo I chose uses figure and ground with the main structure of the visual. When I think of the concept of figure and ground, I typically think of a dual-meaning or double-edged sword regarding what is perceived within an … Continue reading

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