Organic/Geometric: Jonathan Martinez

Purpose of the redesign was simply to get rid of the “ermahgerd” as referred to by the designer of the new logo, Koto. He wanted to have something that would embody what the company, New Voice Media, truly was. The logo on the left is the “Before” image and the right is the “After” image.

After viewing the newly designed logo, I felt that it seemed much more geometric based on the reading because of the straight lines and shape that it had compared to the old logo. We can see in the old logo that you can’t really tell what is going on like the new logo. Immediately upon viewing the new logo I saw how the logo had the “NVM” starting letters of NewVoiceMedia. Because of this very small, but important, detail, it showed me that this logo was more representational rather than abstract like how I would categorize the old logo. After reading the designer’s comments on his new design, he stated that he wanted to create something that would resonate with what the company’s mission was. In this case, it was forming new calling waves and making communications easier and “cold calls warmer”, as stated by NewVoiceMedia. Considering aesthetics, the logo is actually supposed to be a sound wave. I felt this fit in perfectly along with utilizing the starting letters of the company while doing so because it ties together the company, it’s mission, as well as the “name-like” logo to finish everything off, almost like the perfect storm. I was most impressed by how the letters of the company were very quickly noticeable in the redesign of the logo. The old logo didn’t really seem to mean anything as it obviously was much more abstract that the new one.

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