Organic/Geometric: Kathleen Zimmerman


The purpose of the redesign was to create a design that aligned with Africa’s tribal art and traditional designs and could be used in many different mediums like a car wrap and beaded wristbands. The design was created by The Partners for Tusk Conservation Awards.

Tusk Conservation Awards logo caught my eye immediately. I really liked the bright colors as well as the redesign since it reminded me of the pattern project we just finished. The Tusk Conservation Awards gives their awards to those who done amazing conservation work in Africa.

The first logo is more organic whereas the redesign logo is geometric. Organic forms remind us more of nature; they are irregular. In the original design there is a lot of irregular curves which create the outline of the continent of Africa. When we define geometric objects, they are mathematically similar with angles or hard edges. The redesign is created out of shapes that have many more angles and are what we think of when we think “geometric”. The letters are created out of geometric shapes that our mind can interpret into letters and a readable word.

In the old logo, it is more representational. In a representational design objects are more naturalistic and realistic. Our eyes immediately recognize the continent of Africa even though it is a graphically designed shape, because the shape looks identical to the Africa we see on the map. Even the text “Tusk Conservation Awards” is more representational when we compare it to the redesign where the letters are more abstracted. In an abstract design objects are more unrealistic and don’t mirror nature. In the redesign the letters are created out of geometric shapes which our mind recognizes as letters. When we look at the redesign we can see that it resembles a man-make object rather than something that is from nature.

Tusk Conservation wanted a logo created that aligned with Africa’s tribal art and traditional designs. The geometric redesign is actually the building block for a pattern, which also alludes to African textile. With the more geometric design the company was able to create wraps for their vehicles out of the pattern as well as make traditional beaded wristbands that were identical to the new logo redesign.

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