Organic/Geometric: Joshua Murphy

The image is from the Tusk website. An organization built around the protection of African wild life animals. The logo redesign was created by The Partners, a London based brand agency. The redesign was created in a way to show the African design inspiration in it.

The original brand is on the left side and the image is the old brand and the right side of the image is the new brand identity that Tusk has adopted created by The Partners. Right off the bat I noticed how the new design represents more of the African culture design then the design on the left. The old one is representing Africa through an actual image of Africa as where the one on the right perfectly captured the influences of the culture and who Tusk represents. The new logo is more creative and had more design aspects than the old logo. The old logo is straight and to the point by using the image of Africa to represent the cause and text size manipulation to give and accent to the word Tusk.

This image is from the website Brand New and shows how the the logo works from larger pattern

The updated Tusk design is geometric and uses a pattern to make the logo “Tusk” appear in the design. In Brand New they described the new logo being a “Water Mark” in the patter, it is hard to see when looking at the image as a whole. The letters are almost portrayed in an abstract manor making them blend.  The abstractness comes from how the letters are actually made. The T is created with double the horizontal and vertical lines. The U is made from three segmented pieces that form the letter. The S is boxy instead of having flowing curves. Lastly the K is the most abstract by how it is segmented and oblong. The letters feel abstract, all together they are Representational , and when the logo is repeated they make a pattern influenced by African arts and cultures.  I think that the designers made the choices that they did to make logo stand out more from others and capture more of the culture. When I first saw the two logos next to each other I was drawn more to the new logo because it stood out and made more of a statement with the design aspects that were chosen.

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