Organic/Geometric: Cody Li

DR. BRONNER’S MAGIC “ALL-ONE!” before logo.

The logo I came across seemed very interesting because it had the word ‘magic’ in the title. Upon further learning more about the company through ‘Brand New’, I learned that they sold personal care products by using all-natural ingredients. They were very popular amongst hippies because of how effective it was in cleaning the ‘groovy locks of hair’. The logo overall seems very geometric oriented; especially with the font, because of how linear directed the style is. The lines appear to be very sharp and defined, and the extra lines within the letter A also give it more of that depth in sharpness. The earth, just as Timothy Samara had discussed in the reading, can be recognized as either both geometric or organic.

DR. BRONNER’S ALL-ONE! after logo.

However, the after logo seems to appear more organic and more approachable. Organic in the sense that they took out the word ‘MAGIC’ and placed stars above the globe to give it that magical look. The overall design seems to be more refined with making the color not appear as dull, and the arms were reconstructed to appear more refined. The font style also became more approachable, the choice in making the letters more thick and and less sharp gives it a more ‘friendly’ aesthetic; the new font choice doesn’t appear to be all up in your face as much. I think the designer made these choices for one obvious reason, to attract consumer’s attention when the soap products are placed on the shelves. By having “ALL-ONE!” being larger than “Dr. Bronner’s”, it attracts the consumer’s eyes to further explore what the meaning of ‘all-one’ could possibly mean. The font style is also more simplistic, making it a lot easier to read as you pass by; compared to the last logo – where the words might’ve appeared foreign. The logo accurately represents the company’s reputation because it’s a representation of their pledge, “In all that we do, let us be generous, fair & loving to Spaceship Earth and all Its inhabitants. For we’re ALL-ONE OR NONE! ALL-ONE!”. The concluding statement of their pledge is what they emphasize mainly on their logo, the logo also visually represents the unity between ‘Spaceship Earth’ and all Its inhabitants. The visual connection between the earth and the two hands reaching out to shake one another depicts that relationship.

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