Organic/Geometric: Jen Ladwig

This photo, captured via snipping tool from the Brand New blog, shows the difference between the old (left) and new Voxbone logos. The new logo was designed by Onwards, and the redesign was done to try and give the brand a more energetic and “weird” feel.

I decided to take a look at the Voxbone logo redesign, as it does a great job of using a lot of different aspects of logo design. First, the redesign uses very geometric shapes, mostly just three triangles smushed together, to create the main part of the logo: lips. This is interesting because the designer, Onwards, used the geometric shapes to make something most would consider organic. Because the logo uses geometric shapes to create the mouth, the image is given a very abstract feel to it. You can tell that the shape is lips, and the mouth is open, but they certainly don’t look like the lips you find on the “Mona Lisa.” However, it fits perfectly with the brand they are trying to sell. The company is all about communication, so the mouth is a perfect fit because speech is one of the more common forms of communication. Then, the fact that the mouth is open makes it obvious that it is talking; again, a great fit for the communication aspect. Finally, it fits in with the “weird” vibe the company wants to go for. It’s a little goofy, a little playful, and it seems to line up with the message they want to send to customers: they are all about communication, but they know the whole thing is a little odd. I think the redesign overall is great. The old logo doesn’t say anything to me, except the name of the company. I can tell there is supposed to be something going on between the “o” and the “x,” but it doesn’t look like anything distinguishable. The redesign give the company a single, simple graphic that can be manipulated to fit many different roles – even beer.

About Jen Ladwig

Hello world! Jen here. I am a sophomore at Washington State University, I am pursuing a degree in communication with an emphasis in journalism and media production. The goal is to get a global studies minor as well as fluency in French. I currently work as an editor at WSU's school paper, The Daily Evergreen, which I have come to realize is a job I'd love to do for the rest of my life. If I could have it my way, I would write or edit at a newspaper or magazine that had a global reach. Although I am still figuring things out, I know one thing; journalism is my calling. I have many hobbies, the most prominent of which are writing, tennis, and spending time with friends. Fun fact, I don't like to play games, so no video games or board games for me. This blog is for my Com 210 class, as a platform to post different multimedia projects we create throughout the semester.
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