Organic/Geometric: Daniel Kim

This old design of the Spotify logo is a geometric design. As English speakers, we naturally make meaning of the black symbols and we read it as “Spotify”. The shapes of the symbols have hard edges and sharp angles which helps define the symbols into what we know as the English letters. These letters are symbols with artificial meanings that we as humans gave to them. The symbol on the right is a little more ambiguous than the rest of the logo, but one may assume that it represents signal waves of some sort and because it is next to the word “Spotify” they could have possible relations. But, in most cases a person who uses this app and then sees only the green circle symbol, the user will automatically give it meaning and in this case it would be “Spotify.

AFTER: These redesigns of the Spotify logo were done give more personality to the Spotify application. Designer: Collins

This redesign does not look much different compared to the old logo because the geometric shapes were not changed. The only thing that changed is the color scheme. But, this particular color scheme holds a abstract concept. The three on the left are only a portion of the samples that were shown on the website. Each color scheme is supposed to match some kind of song. If it’s happy, the logos colors could be yellow and orange, or sad light-blue and gray. This color redesign brings abstract meaning, but the rest of the logo is more representational. Just like the old logo, the word “Spotify” and circle on the left both mean and represent, well, Spotify. These symbols/shapes are things that we give direct meaning to with easy, but the color on the other hand is definitely an impactful change because the old design was too plain for an music app, where emotions are being thrown around.



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