Organic/Geometric: Thomas Chiou

Juventus new

Juventus new and old logo, the new logo is designed by the Milan office of Interbrand, with the intention to relaunched the team with a new identity and direction for a modern and fresh design.

Juventus F.C is a professional Italian football club team. Most old traditional soccer team logo has the egg-shaped oval, since it’s the main element shape in soccer league. It’s meant to be like a shield/crest, or badge. The Juventus design before was very traditional and formal. The old design is more geometric, with rectangle shape. The background of the logo design with the rectangle is symmetrical in the middle on the Y axis. The text “Juventus” and the horse plaque is center aligned. The proportion is even and balanced. The color is black and white which has a high contrast. There is an arch dark gold yellow line under the “Juventus” text.

Juventus launched their new logo at the “Black and White and More” event with a new brand strategy and identity. With the new design and direction, they are trying appeal the design to football fan, and to fashion enthusiasts. They are trying to keep up with the modern fashion trends, making the logo flexible enough to not just on a soccer jersey, but on a variety of different component like the stadium or street cloth. Juventus keep the defining black and white stripe but took out the gold yellow arch line. This can keep the spirt of old die-hard fans, and welcome new audiences. With a new logo design, their new identity can allow the team to be more than just a soccer team. The team can dive into digital, social, retail, entertainment, and other business industry. The new logo is simple with a centered “J” sharp line. The logo combines three elements, the shield of the outline, the black and white stripes, and the “J”. The J of the logo has a Gestalt principle effect on it. The black and white stripes create the J and the shape of a shield. It has an organic look, with a shape curve shape and straight edges.

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