Organic/Geometric: Travis Thomas

Formula one decided that after around 30 years it was about time to redesign their logo to something a little more modern and give the race series a facelift for the day and age. The old logo was made in 1950 and was made to look a lot more geometric and representational. The logo used clear-cut letters and shapes to give the appearance of F1. Even though there was white space used to create the 1 in F1 the log is much more representative of the letter and number that make it up. Although the logo has a touch of flare on the 1 that is slightly more abstract and represents what F1 is and in this case, it is car racing.

New F1 logo created by Wieden + Kennedy in 2017 for Formula One Racing. This logo was redesigned to give the company a facelift and increase commercial use.

The new log I think wants to build on the small abstract element that is present in the old logo and make the whole logo more abstract to keep up with modern design trends. The new logo uses a more abstract approach that ties in what F1 is really about, racing. The F is made out of two elbowed rectangles that represent a corner on a track with a line through the middle to give the viewer a sense that it is a road. The 1, on the other hand, is simply just an angled rectangle and is supposed to represent the finish line that is painted on the track. Although the new logo is more abstract and modern seeing as there are now actual letters or numbers present in the design, it sticks to its simplistic geometric origins. I think that the designer of the new logo wanted to stick to its geometric origins because of what geometric means to the viewer. The reading states that geometric stands out in our minds as manmade and not natural. This is very fitting for what the logo is representing. Nothing other than the grass that fills the empty areas of a race course is natural about F1 racing. The manmade cars race on a manmade track in a manmade stadium with manmade rules and regulations so the geometric style is very fitting. Overall the logo was modernized to give the company a facelift while still sticking to its origins and the new representation works very well in my opinion.

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