WSU Art Museum: Joshua Murphy

Hate, Vol. 2: Buddy the Dreamer. Image taken by me, Joshua Murphy. Capture date 3/22/18

The trip to the art museum helped me get a better idea of the overall product that I want to create. One of the texts that was show to us was “Buddy The Dreamer” and it shares the graffiti like font that I want. The font has rules that I may want to include in my own font, the X-height is very low and can be seen by how the top parts of the letters are heavier and the crossing of the A and the middle line of the E are very low in relation to the whole letter.

One thing that stands out the most to me is how the letters are angled in different directions even though they are the same letter, an example is the “DD” in buddy. Looking at this font I can tell that it would not look right if all the letters were to be straight up and down on the same plain. The angles in the letters help ad an effect to the font that i would like to implicate into my own font. My font is trying to look like it was graffiti but follows set rules that are followed throughout the font. I think it is a good idea for me to take my font and try writing out words with the letters angled to make them feel more jaunty. I have been working on words but manipulation the weight and curves to make it look right but when I make a new word it does not look right and now thinking about it, graffiti fonts never are straight across, they are angled and have feeling to them.


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