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For this blog post I decided to choose these two examples to talk about. The first example is from one of the comic books on the first table. I forgot to take down the name of the comic and who it was buy but I love how ti folded out and was one of the only colored pages of the comic. My second example is one of the large comics that was sitting on the last table. Again I forgot to write down who it was by and what it was called. I really loved both of these however, and felt as though together they incorporated a lot of the same elements that I want in my own comic poster. I think that the first poster has an amazing example of color being used. Through the use of warm and cool tones it helps divide the scenery and illustrate the feel of the comic. I think there is also a lot of use of lines and emphasis. By placing the large monster in the middle of the page it becomes the center of attention. I feel like there are different lines throughout the page as well to direct the eye. The second comic I loved because it almost had a scrap book feel to it from the news paper clippings and jagged edges it had in some of the photos put together. I know for my own comic I want to make it look collage like. I feel like this comic also uses emphasis well with the sizing of the man in the center along with organization and proximity. By placing certain elements closer to one another it creates more of a story than if they had been placed at random. For example, placing the wings near and on top of the baby head gives the appearance and idea of a cherub.


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