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The example I chose from the MASC was from the comic “Today!” by Thiago Carvalho. I used this comic to influence my own alternative comic by paying close attention to the hierarchy of the page. My eye immediately goes to the woman’s face even though she is layered in the middle of the page. She is the image that the reader’s eye goes to because she holds the power in the page. I tried to use this in my own comic by putting the images around my main focus, a photograph. The machines all seem to outline her face. This draws the reader’s eyes to her due to the way they can quickly follow the story of the page. After you focus closely on her face you can then read the words in the top right corner. I also used this idea in my own comic. I have turtles that outline my main focus and carry the reader’s eye throughout my whole story.


From Thiago Carvalho’s comic “Today!”

I opted out of words on my own comic because I wanted the story to be more implied. This author does that through her placement of the images. The scale of the woman, to me, seems out of place because she looks so large. I don’t really get the feel that she is closer either. It then makes you wonder why she is sitting there, and what the argument with her father was about. I also changed the scale of my images to make some seem more dominate of the page, and less of the other images. It puts importance on them.

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