Archives Visit: Nikki Aviles

During our field trip to the Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections at the library, we were exposed to a bunch of different comics, in many different ways. I was sitting at one table with a number of different comic books spread out, when I saw this smaller, blue book with an octopus on it called Not My Small Diary, by Delaine Derry. What intrigued me about this book was the octopus on the front cover, I love drawing them and sort of have a thing for them. I opened the book and what I noticed was that this book didn’t have one overall theme. In this book some pages were formal, organized, and everything has its place, but other pages are more loose, things are just placed wherever. I came across this these two pages and they were actually exactly like the idea or something similar to it, that I had in my head for the layout of my poster. The pages are kind of like one big poster, spread across two different pages. In these pages I wanted to replicate the footsteps walking along the pages, with the heart that my brother hand made for me saying “good luck in college sis”, as arrows to let my audience know which way / how to read my poster.

Some design practices these two pages have is scaling, the artist made what he thought was important bigger than others. Point line plane is being used with the footsteps through out the pages.


Not My Small Diary by Delaine Derry

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