Archives Visit: Emma Garcia

Paw Prints by Bill Fitts Pgs 1 & 2

During class we went to visit Manuscripts, Archives and Special Collections where I found the comic Paw Prints by Bill Fitts which was very simple yet interesting. This comic has the main characters being a dog and cat. The cats are standing outside of the jail cell as the dog is in jail for feeling like he should be able to protect his territory.  I took a picture of the first two pages because they inspired me through the details and attention to detail within the drawings yet it was a very interesting story as it used animals as the main characters. This might affect my plans for my poster comic when thinking of a background as it is an important part of my poster comic.

Throughout the semester there have been a wide range of design concepts that will be useful and important to the poster comic. A few of them include texture which is seen a lot through the comic Paw Prints, especially on the first two pages where the fur and the ground is drawn with multiple lines indicating a surface. Texture could be used in my poster comic through the use of the different objects which will provide the look of something more than just a flat piece of paper. Another key concept is layering, as every layer is important to the comic because it brings out more details which allow for the comic to tell a story. In order to uses layering in my poster comic, I will place things on top of one another and have the background as my main layer and everything I am passionate about on top of that.

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