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After looking throughout the comic examples provided in the MASC, I really only found one that closely conveyed what I imagine for my own poster comic.

This comic is supposedly a zine of poetry called CrossCurrents zine, put together by the Small Press League. My primary focus of the zine, however, is both the front and back covers. I was immediately excited when I found this zine because there weren’t any others like it there and it was the only one that I saw give a close enough example of what I wanted to do with my own comic poster.The front and back covers demonstrate the collage-like idea that I have been trying to do. There’s a grouping of seemingly random items placed in seemingly random places. This example, however, appears to be more random that I think I want my comic to look like. I cannot really find a story or message trying to be conveyed through these covers, and I think it is in the higher randomness that the message or importance is lost.

This was nice to find and look at because now I have a better idea of what I want to do, as well as what I DON’T want to do with my comic. I want there to be an element of randomness, especially with placement of items, because the story I am telling doesn’t necessarily need to be read linearly to make sense. The information can be taken in pieces and still make completely sense in relation to everything else. And considering my items I’ve scanned are more related than the images on this zine, I think I can accomplish what I exactly want from this poster comic.

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