Hierarchy: Tia Caton


Page 94 of Lynda Barry’s graphic novel, What It Is

In the text, Graphic Design: The New Basics, hierarchy is described as the order of importance in a group or in a body of text. Hierarchy is constantly seen in life whether it be the use of family order, naming systems or visuals. Visual hierarchy can be a difference in scale, vale, color, spacing, placement and more. It controls the way something is delivered and the impact of the message it sends to its audience. Hierarchy can be simple or complex, rigorous or loose, flat or very articulated. Another term is called dimensional hierarchy. This is where an object is in an environment and are bathed in shadows and highlights, distinguishing them from one another and carries the viewer’s eye.

For my project I am going to really focus on the use of hierarchy as a way to direct the viewer’s eye around my poster. By manipulating the scale, value color and placement of the items in my work I will be able to create different levels of hierarchy that will hopefully help tell my story. For example, I am gong to make more important objects larger and the lesser objects a little smaller. The story I plan to tell with this my interests and hobbies that have developed over the years. I want to try to express who I am and why I may have developed the way I have through various childhood memories and objects from those memories. I picked a lot of objects that are different in texture to give a little contrast and variation with my piece. I plan on using a lot of layers and layering multiple objects over each other. I really want my poster to have kind of a collage like look to them. Very similar to Lynda Barry’s work. Here I have an example of one of her pages. In it a lot of the images are layered on top of one another. They also seem to have different textures that make the page much more visually interesting. I like how it looks like it was all kind of glued or tapped together much like a scrap book.

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