Hierarchy: Tristan Moran-Salgado

The poster design that I’ve been thinking about using for this project would be about my love for collecting plushies/stuffed animals have been and how it all started to where I hope it would go in the future. I’ve gotten this idea thanks to Lynda Barry’s exercise “Writing the Unthinkable” and I thought that out of all the ones that I wrote, doing a poster for my love of plushies would be the easiest to do as I have them with me in my room.

The book “Graphic Design the New Basics” By Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips on page 129 states that Hierarchy is the order of importance using various scale, value, color, spacing, placement, and other signals.The way I want to design the poster as I thought would be an interesting one where it would show my habits on collecting plushies is shown below.  The way I’m going to use hierarchy to design my poster is that I’m going to start off with a picture of my first plushy I had made on the top making it bigger than all the rest. I then going to cascaded downward zig-zagging in the order that I started to get them and maybe some other things that are related later where at the bottom would be my plans on what I want to make.

I plan to cut and paste my pictures of my plushies and layering them in front of my background having a couple of layers to work with having the pasted pictures in of the background. For the texture, I’m bringing different fabrics that could be used if it was real materials as the background. I’m bringing my scarf, shirt, jacket, and maybe a couple more items that are related to scan and I use those to sparingly as the background for my poster.


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