Hierarchy: Andrese Collins

For my Poster Comic Project I will be focusing on the essential elements that build up my life and who I am. I want to use a brainstorming and collage style that’s pretty similar to Lynda Barry’s “What It Is”. I want to create a quick outlook on the focuses of my life. My poster comic will consist of various items that refer to family, friends, music, sports, values and the college lifestyle. I also want to use unique patterned and textured frames that help represent me.

My writing experiences from the exercises in “What It Is” help me develop better ways to use my imagination. My ability to formstorm elements into one image or idea that I can apply. I also learned that pushing your skills past your limit helps you become a better drawer and writer all-around. With the use of the various writing exercises you can learn how to use the things in your life to help inspire your ideas and stories.

Pg.143 of Lynda Barry's,

Pg.143 of Lynda Barry’s, “What It Is”

My poster will have a darkened background in order to contrast and emphasize on all of the text, frames, and fonts that I want to scan. In order to bring unique backgrounds to my comic I will scan various clothes and items that possesses a complimentary texture.

Some of the items I will be using will be everyday supplies such as paper clips, postal stamps, and other valuable items. I will also space out and display my elements using separation. It all will be equally balanced out and they will all connect towards the center (focal point) of the image, me.

I will employ hierarchy through layering my frames to give a mix of different elements in one page even something as basic as the frame. Using various items to help build the frame would be something nice.

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