Hierarchy: Elise Detloff

     For my poster comic I’m planning to illustrate my experience with music and how both my taste in music and my musical activities have changed over the years. My main background is going to be my first marching band t-shirt. From there on I’ll be using an assortment of music memorabilia and tickets I’ve collected to highlight the different musical periods of my life.

In the top middle, I’ll have a cd of Disney songs that my aunt make for me. Then I’ll go into The Cheetah Girls (the first album I owned), The Beatles (my lifelong obsession), Rocky Horror Picture Show, and then Supertramp.

This is where the hierarchy begins. Hierarchy is the order of importance with in a social group or in a body of text, according to Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillip’s Graphic Design: The New Basics. It gives organization to texts through spacing, color, scale, etc. I want to include multiple cd’s from each era with one particular disc standing out.

Poster Sketch

Elise Detloff, Poster Comic Sketch, 2017

The emphasized one will be on the top and clear so you can read them with my other cd’s layering beneath them, peeking out on the corners. My intention is to use dimensional hierarchy, I want the emphasized cd to obviously be on top of another one. It should feel closer to the reader. My text blurbs and concert tickets may also overlap on the cd’s and everything will be on top of the marching band t-shirt.


I also want to include cut out letters that spell “Music” over the tunnel design on the shirt, but I want to make it larger than the shirt text. By increasing the scale of “Music” I hope to put greater emphasis on it and make it clear that “Music” is the title. This title technique is a cut and paste function that will give my poster a collage feel. I am also using placement to create a hierarchy in my poster. With English writings, we read from left to right and top to bottom, so while I may have my first cd in the middle center, the rest of my cd’s and text follow that guideline chronologically. This will lead the audience to read my poster in order of time.

I feel that my band shirt will provide an interesting texture since the majority of my poster elements are glossy and rigid. The fabric of the shirt will have slight ripples in it to add depth and shadows to the poster. The contrast of hard and soft will also reflect the nature of the music I listened to as I grew up; I went from somewhat childish, safe music to more mature and experimental musicians.

About elisedetloff

I am a student attending Washington State University and this blog is a place to upload and view various projects created for my Com 210 class.
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