Hierarchy: Cassidy Krahn


Page 39 of Delaine’s “I am my own Stereotype, my Small Diary Collection”

So, my comic poster will be my journey of my first month of college. I want it to highlight the enjoyment of being involved and starting off strong. This idea came to me because it is a story that carries a lot of emotion and would be easy to convey as person seething this work potentially could relate to the same feeling.  During the writing the unthinkable exercise I always came around to friends and people I have met. The most impactful people I have to meet in my life now, I happened to meet that first month of college.

The hierarchy I want to use in my poster is to highlight the weeks. I am thinking I would create an image of the first week through first four weeks of the month. Showing the growth and elevated mood in my character’s physical poster and expression. But by labeling the weeks in a large scale they will be positioned higher than in the layers than other objects. Really having the weeks stand out will be the most basic form of hierarchy. The images will contain texture as walls of a dorm room, and objects being used pallets for clothes. Also, to illustrate real objects I have from my freshman year. This layering and texture effect will be less propanoate but add a great dynamic.

The image I choose it out of the “I am my own Stereotype, My Small Diary Collection” book by Delaine. She really inspired me that even though nothing super exciting happens a day or a few weeks in the life can be interesting. It’s fun to know you’re not the only one who thinks/does that certain thing. She drew and wrote about a lot of the things I could relate to and some things that I am waiting to happen. Having her share those experiences was entertaining and inspiring. I wanted to share one of my experiences like she did but in my own unique way. It may not be awe-shocking but it is interesting and relatable.

***I have to go to Avery to find the book and photograph it for this post, my deepest apologies, it will be done soon!!**

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