Hierarchy: Allyssa Puett

For my poster I’ll take inspiration from Lynda Barry’s What It Is by using layers to create texture, adding depth and detail, as well as hierarchy to create a sense of order and direction in my collage poster.  In this example from Barry’s book on page 88, she layers bits of paper and drawings to not only design a visually interesting page but to create a collage from things that would not normally make sense together.

Page 88 from Lynda Barry’s graphic novel “What It Is”

After completing the Writing the Unthinkable exercises and contemplating my options, I’ve decided not to use any of the stories I’ve written so far. What I had written did not conjure up or inspire any ideas for my poster. That being said, I plan on doing another writing exercise soon focusing on the idea of “home” for me to help spawn some more ideas.


Home is not simply a house or the town I’m from. Home is the places, people, and things that have helped me grow into who I am now and will continue to help me grow. I grew up in a small town with many evergreen trees and a constant view of the mountains in the distance. Also, my love for taking photos, design and art in general, and makeup is a central part to who I am. My idea is to use textures and scans of things I love, such as my patterned makeup bag from Ipsy or the details from a drawing I had done a while ago, to create a kind of mountain scenery. Also, I want to bring in my love of using geometric shapes and patterns in my design. The mountain scenery I am going to create will be made up of smaller geometric shapes (probably a triangle or a hexagon).

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