Hierarchy: Angelica Tibule

As I was writing my Unthinkable exercises, most of my memories that I wrote about took place in the island of Guam, where I was born and raised in. For my poster comic, I plan on focusing on telling a story about where I am from, and maybe add in my moving story to tibule_postercomicWashington. I plan on using layering by using different types of items I have collected, placed on top of one another. Through layering, it gives me the idea of making my poster comic like a collage, in relation to Lynda Barry’s style of What It Is? I would like to create some texture for the background of my collage with the items I have, but I am still not sure if I will be able to do it, since I don’t have some of my items I have thought of, with me. Although, layering a few items can also create some texture in my poster comic.

In Graphic Design: The New Basics, hierarchy is the order of importance and is conveyed visually by using different scales, values, colors, spacing, placement, etc. (p.129). For my poster comic, the items I use and how I will arrange them within my poster, will create hierarchy. Looking at my sketch,since I do not have that many items with me that I can use in my comic to make it more like a collage, it would be a much more clean and simple based on how I use scale, how I space the items around and where I place them.

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