Texture: Tia Caton

what it is texture 1

Lynda Barry’s “What It Is” page 55

In “Graphic Design: The New Basics” texture is described as being able to establish mood, reinforce point of view or convey a sense of physical presence. Texture can be both virtual and physical and usually corresponds to their visual function. One of the major types of texture is concrete texture. This type is created by repeated slicing, burning, marking or extracting. As a result, the images look raw and have a robust textural appeal. Textures can also have harmony or contract when being used together. For example, high contrast textures usually have a larger elements in them while low contrast textures have fine, delicate grain. Textures aren’t limited to just a grain of surfaces, but can also be created from type  or text. Type can create a texture based off of the text’s attributes such as serifs, slope, stroke, width and proportion.

Here, I think Lynda Barry uses a lot of different textures to create a collage like image. I think that her use of different media and the amount of random text really adds to the depth and texture of this page. I think the way she created this page was by starting off with the usual lines yellow pages she has and then went on too draw, write, paint and paste different portions of the image. By using different media such as a pen instead of the paint or a cut out, Lynda is able to create a plethora of different textures. For example, if you look at the left side of the page at all of the written words she has you begin to get a sense of a rough texture from the pen ink and the text. While right next to it, the blue water color seems to give off a softer and smoother feel. She also creates a dotted almost bumpy texture wit the use of dots throughout the page. I think what really helps give this page a sense of texture is the range of different elements she used to create it. I feel like she didn’t stick to just one type of medium and by doing this she was able to make her work much more interesting and appealing. I feel like there is much more depth and feeling by doing this as well.

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