Nikki Aviles: Layering

The concept of layering is usually seen when an author needs to convey more than one idea on a single page. On page 148 of Lynda Barrys What It Is, there is layering everywhere, more specifically, it looks like Barry may have used mostly used the cut and paste method to create this page. It looks as if she started off with one paper as the background with a blue boarder, then pasted scraps of other words and drawings she did and layered them strategically to create another boarder of words around drawings over the layers of paper.


Page 148. Lynda Barry, What it is

The other example of layering I found was in the book Exits written by Daryl Seitchik. He does not number his pages in this book and uses very little text through out, but on the page I chose, where Seitchik is trying to portray  a scene where a girl is walking down a street then eventually gets to the end of that street. On the page before the one I chose, is somewhat of a birds eye view of the page. When you turn the page to my example, Seitchik tried to show that the girl was at the end of the road. He did this by zooming all the way in on a building making it seem like the last building on the street. Then he added another frame under that zooming in even more and adding water to it to make it seem like she was really at the edge of the road, about to fall into the water. The way the buildings are drawn with vanishing points also give the page a sense of depth.With the layering of these two frames you don’t need much words at all. Its simple and self explanatory. As I was reading through this book I felt as if I was the one walking through the street.


Daryl Seitchik, Exits.


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