Texture: Andrese Collins

            Texture is the various elements formed together in order to display two kinds of unique styles, physical and virtual textures. Textures can be used to help describe an object with details, differentiate elements, and display optically illusive effects. 

              Notice that in the image from page 202 of Lynda Barry’s “What It Is”, the pictures features multiple objects such as the fire flame, the ghost, snowman, monkey, etc. Lynda uses a lot of physical texture in the image. 

Page 202 of Lynda Barry’s

              Lynda gives a detailed physical texture to describe the hot feeling of the flame that sits next to the ghost. Lynda displays her textures best through the swirling boxed image that overlaps the monkeys head. She uses artificial textures to help detail the objects, giving the viewer a realistic idea of what’s being drawn. Texture contrast also plays a big part of the page by using three different shades of black and grey to separate elements from each other. The contrast also helps point out details such as the “dandelions” on the left hand side. It helps the viewer understand what kind of flower it may be and it’s purpose within the page. 

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