Layers: Makenna Coxey

Page 98. Lynda Berry’s book What it Is.

Page 30. Craig Thompsons book Good Bye Chunky Rice

The first picture that I chose was from Lynda Berry’s book What It Is. the reason that I chose this page is because first it clearly demonstrates the Cut and Paste method that is talked about in Graphic Design The New Basics. This particular page does it in such a way that with the pieces that are “pasted” on the collage resemble an octopus like at the bottom of the page. Also on this page you see the idea of Temporal Layers in the sense that you can get a feel for depth and motion by the way that things are pasted, you can kind of tell what is in fro



nt of other things. The second page that I chose was one from Good Bye Chunky Rice by Craig Thompson, this particular page intrigued me because of the very different use of layers than the first page. In this page the first thing that I want to talk about is the speech bubble that almost seems like it is hoping out of the page. The use of layers here is to create emphasis or importance on the words. Something that also applies to this second page is the use of windows, it is interesting how in some places the physical frames are splitting what appears to be the same image for example in the bottom left corner. Each frame is essentially a window in the sense that it looks though to another layer, and some of the frames appear to behind the picture to again create that posing out effect or importance.

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Studies at Washington State University Major: Digital Technologies & Cultures Minor: Business Administration with a focus in Marketing
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