Image as text- Rashaad Siddick

I worked with Jesse’s poem “Skying.” The images I chose all related to the poem as it has to do with nature as well as literally sky references and things associated with flying or in Jesse’s terms, skying. The Savannah image I believe will add great narrative interplay if I had to place the words along the left of the tree in the negative space left there. This would be achieving a more literal approach and image towards the read to help them as they read. All pictures would act as illustrations to help get the correct message of the poem across to different audiences. It would allow for the authors and my personal perspective to be better relayed to the audience through the broad side. That way you wont have to worry about interpretation of the poem getting confused. However I do not believe I would be balance all three images on the broadside. I believe this would make it to congested but each picture contributes a certain amount of realism to the broadside. I want realism in the illustrations because I wanted to be as literal as can be, as the poem seemed literal as can be. This will allow for a uniform flow and balance between poem and illustrations. The poem also uses metaphors such as skying which in term is relating to “flying.” This is why I deemed a hot air balloon as an image that could possible help narrate this poem. The Narrative is one of the most important things in a poem and the image can help solidify it.

2011, Mark Anthony, dart digital render

2011, Mark Anthony, dart digital render

Creator N\A digital render

2010, Devian art Studios

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