Image as Text- Andrew Sears

Sam Weber- Karly- Carlos Meira-

Sam Weber-
Carlos Meira-

type-exercises meira_09

The first piece that I chose exemplifies the use of drawing and painting to create an illustration. Sam Webers work uses painting on the bottom to create the priest’s coat and uses drawing to create the priest’s head that turns into trees. Over by using this combination of media Weber is able to create a design that puts off a darker, more sinister mood than other forms a media can achieve. Use of this medium in my work could help me to design a broadside for Laura’s poetry because a lot of it involves sort of dark messages. The second image by Karly shows the concept of type as image. Her work shows how the meaning of words can be portrayed by how they are presented. By organizing the words in different ways and changing their form she is able to convey the meaning of the word. This could help me in the design of my broadside because while reading through Laura’s poetry there were several times in which I had to look up the definition of the word to try to understand the meaning of the poem. By using type as image I could make it easier for readers on uncommon words to display the meaning of the word within the text avoid confusion or misinterpretation. The third piece I chose is a work of layered paper by Carlos Meira. The use of the layering in his piece brings some depth to the design, which makes it more visually interesting and also slightly more realistic. I could use this in the design of my broadside because by using a collage method I could create the felling of light through the use of layers.

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