Blog #7 – Image as Text (Emilee Shimazu)

4ea5b50e50424965a163572531f888fd 093ec1573ccccaef0c1ebf3165994e24 607e8c4d635ea74f7435c7b70d299b59  The images I have chosen to show here are all going along with the poem and have a 4c7393335f82cff13f82186d06959b7a semblance of narrative interplay that I feel would have a profound impact on the broadside. The images of hands were chosen because they are only ever mentioned once, but more so because the narrator of the text seems to be less whole and more broken. They’re rubbed raw from the weight of the world aroue62e562f5c0c78f88d9c7faa3a91a76cnd them, seeking solace in things to try and make themselves feel less empty. I added more than one because I feel like all of theee27296789769af5bea669419f8b8f92m have a weight to the imagery that would lend itself to the poem itself. The words of the poem are meant to be fragile and quiet. The imagery will lend something to draw readers to it.

The second image I chose is a rather interesting image of a woman from behind, with snakes wrapped around her neck. While there is no actual mention of snakes in the poem, there is a lot of religious reference. I think that images like these would definitely help the poem graphically through metaphor. The last image I chose is a more obscure photo meant to represent the sky during the eclipse. Allusions to a “sky garden” are made in this poem, and the poet and I have talked a lot about space being related to this poem. However, while searching I realized that many images of night skies were too bold or bright for what we were aiming for. This is the closest I could find so far to what I am looking for.

I definitely chose these images with the idea in mind that I wanted them to be very unsaturated and dark or unsaturated and very light. I did not want to have bright colors associated with this poem because it would take away from it. This is because again, the poem is meant to be fragile and subtle. It wants you to look at it twice and draw you in slowly. It is not something that hits you from across the room like a firework, but instead draws you in because you want to see it clearer. I have also decided on cooler hues. Warmer ones would denature the poem it is being used for, and thus take away from the overall broadside.

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