Image as Text – Daniel Smith

stock image of women's eyes

stock image of women’s eyes

stock lip print image

stock lip print image

Stock rose image

Stock rose image

The images that I chose are photographs of symbols that I would like to use to emphasize the imagery depicted in Hailey Gibson’s poem titled “Everyone Just Wants To Fit In.” It is a very graphic and detailed poem about the happenings in a teenage girl’s life during her years in high school. Instead of using images to illustrate the words in poem I figured I would let the reader make there own mental decisions instead of telling them what they should think. Instead I decided to use images to emphasize the content matter. I am still trying to decide if weather or not I will use actual photographs or illustrate my own. In any case the images are meant to be used as symbols of female teenage adolescence. Such as the rose is a symbol of a girls purity and innocence that is since lost during this particular girls time in high school. The lips are to represent the maturation of the girl and her growing desire to be noticed as a sex symbol. Also the eyes not only because they are the gateway to the soul but I chose eyes that are heavily done with make up to further the point of a desire to be attractive to the opposite sex. I plan on either doing sketches and creating line work fro these images, cleaning them up and making illustrations of just using the photographs themselves. The main goal of the images, however they may end up being presented is just to be used as symbols to emphasize the imagery described by the words of the poem.

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