Blog #7: Image as a Text- Tim White

phone tent smoke

I’m all about minimalism, so I wanted one of the pictures to be a hazy smoke coming out of a stove or a cigarette. Having the entire poem illustrate smoke would be ideal. This particular image would be effective when paired with the poem because there are two occasions in the poem where smoking is reference. However, the illustration of just smoke would suffice as a good interpretation.

Another image I was thinking about using is a circus tent. This image is a bit more under the surface being that there is no where in the poem that mentions anything about circus elements. The reason why this picture would be effective is that the poem mentions an icon named, “hatchet man.” This iconic logo is the main face of a dup called ICP (Insane Clown Posse. I could incorporate the circus tent with another image to bring out that illustration more.

There is a line in the poem that says, “My brother is an unanswered phone call.” I thought that the picture of the telephone off the hook would be a great illustrated interpretation of the poem. It is symbolic to being ‘disconnected’ from the world or possibly just ‘in your own world’; not being engaged with a lot.

Pictorial inclusion or form substitution could also be a suggestion as it brings the illustration into the type by either replacing the counter-forms of the letters of a word or replacing a specific letter all together with an object that resembles that particular letter-form.

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Washington State University Graduate (c/o 2015) Professional Photographer
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